Au Liquid Gold Founders

The Birth of Au

In our first months as new mamas, we were exhausted, spracked out on oxytocin and, let’s be honest, after ten months of playing designated driver, dying to have a beer. Simultaneously, we were tripping through the trials and travails of breastfeeding, a little unsure of what to expect, salving our cracked bits, trying to eat right and produce enough to nourish our bebes. Even though we were thousands of miles apart in Los Angeles and Morocco, we talked online constantly and compulsively Googled a thousand boob- and baby-related questions a day.  

We’d heard that a dark stout was good for nursing moms. Could it be true? To our delight we found there was actually supporting scientific evidence! Oh the joy! A chilled dark brew offered two rewards in one - a treat for us mommys and the promise of more nom noms for our littles. Sharing a dark beer together, virtually, from the other side of the globe, became an essential weekly ritual. We enjoyed it so much and the deep brown ales were so effective, we vowed to share it with other nursing mothers. 

"Even though we were thousands of miles apart in Los Angeles and Morocco, sharing a dark beer together, virtually, became an essential weekly ritual."

And that’s how Au Liquid Gold was born. We set out to take the ancient goodness of hops and supercharge the brew with tons of milk-enhancing ingredients, including healing, anti-inflammatory herbs that women have been using for centuries to speed postpartum healing *and* boost milk production. 

We painstakingly researched and designed the flavor and the nutritional profile. We dove deep into other cultures, we mined the herbal wisdom of centuries of women of every ethnicity, we geeked out on the science of milk production, herbs and supplement and then scoured the globe for the best of the best organic ingredients. While Au Liquid Gold is more ale than tonic, we designed it with tonic benefits in mind. We made the nursing ale of our dreams, for ourselves and our girlies. It’s basically a healing, anti-inflammatory, milk-enhancing elixir cleverly disguised as a beer. 




We are mamas, just like you



After living in Morocco and Indonesia, Araceli is currently based in Mexico City with her husband who is British. Araceli gave birth to their first son Santiago in 2015 and twin boys Constantine and Rafael in late 2016 and a baby girl, Inés in 2018. Araceli dedicates her life to her family, work, and bringing new goods to the mommy market. 



After giving birth to my daughters, Valentina Grace in 2015, and Camilla Bella-Rosa in 2018 my focus shifted to spending time with my daughters. My goal is to provide them with a childhood rich in experiences, knowledge, and laughter.