Au Liquid Gold Founders

The Birth of Au

In our first months as new mamas, we were exhausted, spracked out on oxytocin and, let’s be honest, after ten months of playing designated driver, dying to have a beer. Simultaneously, we were tripping through the trials and travails of breastfeeding, a little unsure of what to expect, salving our cracked bits, trying to eat right and produce enough to nourish our bebes. Even though we were thousands of miles apart in Los Angeles and Morocco, we talked online constantly and compulsively Googled a thousand boob- and baby-related questions a day.  

We’d heard that a dark stout was good for nursing moms. Could it be true? To our delight we found there was actually supporting scientific evidence! Oh the joy! A chilled dark brew offered two rewards in one - a treat for us mommys and the promise of more nom noms for our littles. Sharing a dark beer together, virtually, from the other side of the globe, became an essential weekly ritual. We enjoyed it so much and the deep brown ales were so effective, we vowed to share it with other nursing mothers. 

"Even though we were thousands of miles apart in Los Angeles and Morocco, sharing a dark beer together, virtually, became an essential weekly ritual."

And that’s how Au Liquid Gold was born. We set out to take the ancient goodness of hops and supercharge the brew with tons of milk-enhancing ingredients, including healing, anti-inflammatory herbs that women have been using for centuries to speed postpartum healing *and* boost milk production. 

We painstakingly researched and designed the flavor and the nutritional profile. We dove deep into other cultures, we mined the herbal wisdom of centuries of women of every ethnicity, we geeked out on the science of milk production, herbs and supplement and then scoured the globe for the best of the best organic ingredients. While Au Liquid Gold is more ale than tonic, we designed it with tonic benefits in mind. We made the nursing ale of our dreams, for ourselves and our girlies. It’s basically a healing, anti-inflammatory, milk-enhancing elixir cleverly disguised as a beer. 




We are mamas, just like you



I’m half American, half Mexican. My husband is British/Irish. We're parents to three young boys, all under the age of three! My husband's job (diplomat by day, doting father and surfer in-between) means life will be in three-year long chapters for the next while. Our boys were all born in Morocco, where we've lived for the past three years. We're moving to Indonesia soon, then Mexico for three years after that. So, multi-cultural is kinda our jam (and I guess three is my lucky number).

I grew up in Mexico and then settled in Los Angeles as a teenager. Lemme just say spending your early twenties in Hollywood is... um... a fun combination! For years I bounced around the globe as a television producer, but as much as I loved it, I loved the concept of ‘home’ more. So, it sort of made sense to transition into interior design and real estate which I did during my late twenties and thirties. Creating ambience, mood, and designing beautiful places for families to live their lives in, and make memories, is what makes me tick. 

I’ve had some amazing adventures, for sure. But the biggest, baddest, raddest one of them all is being a mother and wife. Obvi, it’s not always glamorous and gorgeous, but I think every mama knows the best moments, the ones you hold nearest to your heart, aren’t always Instagrammable.

If there’s anything that gets me through the sleepless nights and temper tantrums, it’s that we try hard never to take ourselves seriously. Life can be so beautiful, absurd and baffling. Sometimes all I can do is laugh, like when I have baby puke on my third outfit of the day. Oh, white skinny jeans, I miss you.

Life in our rowdy house is an ever-evolving balance between a free-for-all (self-expression, germs and scraped knees are cool around here) and discipline (kids don’t run the show, WE do). Getting the boys - Santi, and our twins Rafa and Consti - outdoors, exposing them to new cultures and experiences, reading them lots of stories, and cultivating their sense of wonder is priority numero uno. It's a wild, wide world, full of craziness and imperfections. We’re just bumbling our way through, fueled by lots of love and après story-time beer. 




I am a San Diego native who now calls Los Angeles home. My background is Greek and English/Irish. I studied at the University of Arizona, Milan’s Universita Cattolica and UCLA. During my extended period in Italy, I was exposed to both international design and architecture. Soon after, I pursued a career in Interior Design.

After giving birth to my daughter, Valentina Grace in 2015, my focus shifted to spending time with my daughter. My goal is to provide my daughter with a childhood rich in experiences, knowledge, and laughter. Like most other mamas, I am learning as I go on this magnificent and quite humbling journey called motherhood. I try not to be too precious and aim to build my daughter's strength and confidence by feeding her little soul and mind. I have learned to dress comfortably while at the same time prepared to have everything we are both wearing destroyed. Kids are messy!

Where I used to spend 7pm at the office or at Happy Hour, I now cherish the nightly bedtime ritual I share with my daughter. Our nightly routine consists of bath time, a coconut oil massage, sharing dinner, reading, and endless singing, all of which occurs before she allows me to leave her room. Becoming a mama has given me a newfound respect and love for my mama as this job is like no other!

We are expecting our second little girl in January 2019. Going through this second pregnancy with my little lady as a toddler has been so sweet yet exhausting on an entirely new level. I can't wait to see the bond my girls have and for our family to grow from three to four. Let the journey continue!!