Hi Mama,

Did ya know that the ice-cold brew you're craving could actually help boost your milk production? It's true! The hops in dark beer stimulate prolactin - the hormone that triggers breastfeeding - which in turn tells your boobies to get to work!

Brew Basics

Like you, we craved a sparkling hops-based brew while we were nursing. At the same time, we were trying to solve the mystery of pumping up - no pun intended - the quantity and quality of our ‘liquid gold.’ So, we created Au Liquid Gold - a milk-enhancing oatmeal stout that we enriched with milk-boosting and anti-inflammatory ingredients to make a low-alcohol brew for nursing mothers who don’t settle for ordinary.  

What new mama doesn’t want to support her growing infant with the most beneficial nutrients possible? Our mission is simple. We want to make moms and bebes happier and healthier - all through milk-filled boobies! Here's to you and yours. Cheers!

XO Deme & Araceli

Demetra & Araceli  //  Co-founders, Au Liquid Gold

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Beer while you’re nursing? Yep!

Au Liquid Gold’s alcohol content is a low 3.9%. Your beau's fave IPA is often double that. Studies show that sipping a few dark, low-ABV brews a week is perfectly fine for nursing mommies, in sensible moderation of course, which we all know as mothers. Plus, hops and grain stimulate prolactin. More prolactin = more milk for your little monkey!


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